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on May 17, 2019

Trend expert Claudia Herke, from Stilbüro.bora.herke.palmisano, shares her tips on trends and shop design

on May 12, 2019

From news about The Greats 2019 finalists and the findings of the PG&H Retail Baromet

on April 8, 2019

Christmasworld’s trend forecasting agency shares trend news and retail display tips

on February 1, 2019

GiftsandHome.net put Premier Decorations’ national sales manager Rolf Hunt into the hot seat at Christmaswo

on January 25, 2019

New hall layout will be offering visitors plenty of festive inspiration

on October 1, 2018

Christmasworld 2019 will be unveiling four emotive styles in its Trends area

on September 24, 2018

Get ready for a traditional festive season