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Bombay Duck: What We’re Doing To Help

Bombay Duck’s founder Stephanie Oberoi, who lives in Delhi, is behind an initiative that is helping to support labourers in India who cannot earn money during India’s lockdown. These workers are unable to feed themselves or their families, leading to a grave risk of starvation.

In an increasingly desperate situation, Stephanie is working alongside one of Bombay Duck’s suppliers, Ahmad Brass, in the metal production hub of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, which is particularly hard hit.

Repurposing the factory into a food repackaging unit, they started a program to bulk buy food supplies to make food parcels with all the basic foods which is distributed to families of daily wage earners.

As word has got out, more and more people are arriving daily, with everything donated going directly to buy food with no other costs deducted. Just £13.50 buys a food parcel that will provide 20 days of food for a whole family.

The company stresses that more help is needed to keep pace with demand, with Bombay Duck proud to match every contribution to double the donations up to £10,000. 



Top: Bombay Duck is helping to organise food parcels for daily wage earners in India who would otherwise face starvation, along with their families.

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